I like to say that we as humans ALL have a SUPER POWER!  I was lucky enough to be able to spend a day listening to James Van Praagh speak a couple years ago, and one of his statements that made the most impact on me went something like this, “You can live your life in one of two ways…in fear or in love.”

At that moment, James validated my thinking that we have important choices in life…we can choose to be happy, or not.  We can choose good, or not.  We can choose to be positive, or not.  We can choose to make the most out of a crappy situation and learn from it, or not.  What a tragedy not to use our time here in this life in a positive way, learning and growing. Everything that happens in life happens for a reason, so make a choice to learn from it and grow.  We can choose to turn a negative situation into one that is positive simply by making the choice to do so.  It’s easy.  Simple. Sometimes it just doesn’t FEEL easy, but everyone has the choice to make. 

Even on my worst days when the waves of grief and sadness feel like they are crashing over me and drowning me in sorrow, I still have the power to make a choice.  I can choose to continue to bawl my heart out until I can no longer breathe, OR I can cry for awhile and make a decision to stop, take a breath, dry my tears, acknowledge how much I miss my son, and go on.  Some days I feel I NEED to make the choice to scream and flood the room with tears and snot, and other days, I really am able to consciously think to myself, “Ok, Daelyn, you cried, you got it out, now don’t cry until you need your inhaler. Pick yourself up, dry your tears and go on with your day. He is with you whether you are crying or not, but he prefers you be happy and not hyperventilating!” 

It’s simply a matter of training your brain to see the good in a bad situation.  Instead of seeing only the bad or negative in what is happening, take a moment to redirect your thinking and see a potential positive.  How can you look at a situation in a new light in order to find something  good in it?  For instance, say you are stuck in a terrible traffic jam and you are going to be late for an appointment.  When you get a bit further up the road, you see an accident.  Instead of grumbling about dumb drivers who don’t pay attention and spending energy on whining, find the positive in the situation and show gratitude for it.  You may think to yourself, “Thankfully, I wasn’t a part of that accident.  If I had been able to drive a bit faster, I may have been involved in that accident.”  Another thought process may sound like, “I’m so happy I have this extra time to think about my upcoming meeting and all of  the good things in my life.”

It all comes down to this – we as humans have the incredible super power of being able to make a choice about how we act and react.  It is a gift.  We don’t NEED to make such decisions when we get to the other side.  I believe that is part of what makes this life experience so extraordinary.  We need to use our ability to make choices to positively effect our greater good. Who needs Kryptonite when we have the incredible super power to make positive choices?

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